Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Never Ending Journey

              We all have had times in life when we look back and the only thought that can come to mind is “Whoa”. God’s hand is so evident that we can only scrape our chins off the ground, then hit our knees and say thank you repeatedly. Over the past three to four years, I’ve had multiple moments like this. I think back to how I was in 2008, and then fast forward to my life now. I ended a relationship I never should have been in and started looking into the Catholic Church in late summer/early fall of 2008. I was determined to prove a friend wrong about the truth that lay in the 2000+ year old faith, and instead, got to the point I couldn’t deny it any longer. It was truth, pure and simple. So on April 12, 2009, I was baptized into the Church. At that point, I feel like God pushed pause on me.
                I was still working, going to school, attending mass every Sunday at the very least, and spending time with friends and family. But it felt like everything had been put on hold. Then God pressed play again in the spring of 2011. A young man had recently started attending the parish I was going to, had joined a small group I was a member of, and then joined the Catholic Church that Easter. We started dating in June of 2011, were engaged in August that same year, and married on January 13, 2012. Now, as I type this, our two sons are pushing each other around in my tummy. We’ll deliver them in one week on January 3, 2013, unless they get impatient and insist on making an earlier appearance.
                When I think back to all the small things that had to happen in order for me to get where I am today, with my faith, my amazing and loving husband, our babies, and our friends and family, I can’t help but be amazed. God has done so much for us in such a short span of time. This journey has been mind-blowing so far. And the fun part is, it’s only beginning. This life of ours, from the time we are conceived in our mother’s womb, is a never ending journey. We start as an infant, then grow to a child, an adolescent, an adult. Then after we die, we (hopefully) move to purgatory and heaven. We are constantly journeying, moving from one stage of life to the next, God holding our hand and coaxing us onward. Sometimes we let go of Him and try walking on our own, but like a baby new to the sensation of standing on two legs, we inevitably fall. It’s His hand that pulls us back up.
                This blog will be about my own personal never ending journey. As a Catholic, wife, mother, and whatever else I end up acquiring as a title in the meantime. I hope you’ll join me as I take shaky steps on this path laid out before me. It promises to be an adventure.

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